it's 3am. i am back to being an insomniac. or maybe it never left me. the times i actually slept early, k was home and he turns in early. the plus is we wake up early to do our fav thing. lazing about and surfing the net. ha. i miss him a lot.

a lot of thoughts running through my head these days.
1. was i too impulsive to quit, run off to US for 3 months and come back to ... nothing?
ya. otherwise you would never have confirmed that k is a really great guy. plus you guys have grown to love each other more. that makes it all worthwhile.

2. why did i choose to stay away (from kelly) for a year just to gain some experience in marketing here which might not even be useful in LA? is it worth it?
cos you can't gain experience without a work permit in US. and you can't stand doing nothing for another 3 months either. as for whether 1 year is enough headstart for LA, cross the bridge when you come to it.

3. am i too narrow-minded about looking for a marketing job when my last related experience was more than 3 years ago?
no. what would have been the alternative? continue to be bored out of your mind? it has only been 2 weeks. stop whining.

4. what if i can't find a job and my savings run out?
well. you could look for a temp job and persevere or decide that being bored out of your mind might not be such a bad thing after all. if all else fails, seeing k for 3 more months can only be a good thing.

decisions. decisions.
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  1. zebby Says:

    mei mei i am sure you will get a marketing job soon. you don really need special experience to enter marketing. don worry!