run errands, buy presents. met up with kaylor and cab down for patrick's birthday celebration at Seafood Paradise. food was so-so and we found a fly in the fried rice. eeks.

birthday boy making a wish! he took only 2 seconds but Simon managed to capture it. Expert is expert.

THE cake for the 80s kid. Didn't we all grow up with Xiao Ding Dang? Thanks to Kaylor for getting it.

All of us! It's my first time out with Simon and Peiling. Hehe, we all had a good time sitting around and chatting. In fact, we chatted until they close!

At midnight, i went down to Suntec Guild House for CK's birthday party. it was good seeing all my kor kors and dai ka jie again! they like to do extreme ktv which involves lots of alcohol, loud singalongs, dancing, dirrrty dancing and striptease. Ha. I am looking forward to the pics and videos. Reached home at 4am but couldn't sleep. If I don't drink enough to conk out, the alcohol keeps me awake.

After much tossing and turning, I decide to just get out of bed. Run errands again before meeting Laura for badminton. It was a much needed exercise. After 1 hour, we were sweating buckets and shacked out. Doesn't help that you can't switch on the fans in a badminton court.

After lunch, we met up with her hubby for pool! Haha, we conspired to beat him by taking 2 turns for every 1 he makes. It worked. *sniggers* Then I had to rush home to change for Harry Potter movie which sucks by the way. Afterwards, more drinks at Clarke Quat. I was so tired I passed on the alcohol. This time I slept like a baby when I got home.


I last woke up at 12.30pm on thurs. I finally slept at 3am on Sunday. That means I went without sleep for 63 hours. Any minute more and I will start hallucinating my friends are beds and pillows.
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