I have come to realise that recruitment consultants are the best marketers. Because they can tell half-truths without missing a beat. I was pretty sure I would get to choose between 2 offers because the interviewers felt good about me and made very good comments. Hence, my consultant felt I would get the job and demonstrated it too. She failed to mention another candidate (not from her agency) was in the running too.

So, me being super confident was getting a headache over which offer to accept. I already had one which gave me the experience I want but the terms wasn't satisfactory. This one that I was waiting on had better pay and hours but not the experience I need. After agonizing over it, I decided pay should triumph. I would tell them yes tomorrow when the offer came.

Tomorrow came and the company decided on the other candidate. Even though I knew deep inside that this wasn't the job for me, I still felt the pangs of disappointment. Rejection is never pleasant. But sour grapes saved the day. "Humpfh. At least I can call myself a marketing exec instead of marketing admin!"

In the end, I got what I asked for. I prayed God would open and close the doors as he deem fit and he did. 我甘心了。Hey God, maybe I should be a recruitment consultant since they are such good marketers?
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