After every outing, we always promise to meet up more often but somehow 'more often' translates into once a year. I hate to say this again but "we must really meet up more often lah!"

While waiting in line at Esplanade's Ichiban Boshi with Ade, Su, Ting and Yun, Ade jio me to run 10km Standard Chartered race!!! I always wanted to do it but doubt I can make it. Still, I took up her challenge. Time to train up! I should start with my diet but annual gathering mah, so I start tomorrow. *cue evil laughter*

On hindsight, should start today. One set of cha soba with 4 pieces of tempura costs $26! And it was blah. At that price, I rather eat at Waraku. Cheaper and oh-so-yummy cha soba! Ichiban Boshi's conveyor belt sushi sucks as well. Not fresh and didn't taste good. We didn't even want to finish the plates we took.

Since we all so unsatisfied with our meal, a dessert treat was in order. Ting left to meet her darling so the rest of us trooped down to Max Brenner. Fondue with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate ... *slurp* Should have tabao the unfinished chocolate sauces!

Ade had to go but KW joined us. We had loads of fun devising plans to ensnare guys into signing pre-nups and proposing the way we want. this is a sure sign we have reached marriageable age hor. It is also now that I remember I brought my camera! *slaps forehead* it is a sure sign that we are nearly middle age ya?

This is what guys get up to when wives are not around. For some, even when wives ARE around.

we nice people, dun wan him kena pull ear. hence the nice innocent pic.

yun and me attempt the kawaii pose. we still young!

Su showed me this really cool function on my camera. See, yun's blouse is green above but my camera can capture it as red! or any colour i want. cool ...

souvenir for today. such a waste. why didn't it occur to me to tabao?
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  1. lin Says:

    sorry honey, pre-nups don't work in singapore. but US, that's another story!