Once again, I realised why people who come back from overseas tend to want to live apart from their family. Before you give me a tongue lashing on how un-filial I am and how ang moh pai I have become, I must have you know that I do love my parents and I am aware of how much they do for me. But it is exactly all that they do that makes it stifling. I can do housework but I like to do it when I want it. I can eat at home but sometimes I want other stuff. I can cook but I also can pop downstairs to buy more economical food. I can a lot of things too but now all I can do is to keep quiet. Because as we all know, if you are the lowest rung in the economy, you have the least right. Ok, it's not that I can't make noise but you guys plugged me up with love. So what else can I say? =)
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  1. lin Says:

    i love the space away from family too (and the grown up feeling it brings)! but you know how i feel about this - it gets lonely at night.
    you don't have lesser rights from an economic viewpoint, but think of the savings you get living at home!