A family friend asked about my relationship status. My mum recounted the conversation for me.
Mum: I told her I didn't know who you were dating.
Me: Why leh? Can tell her wat..
Mum: I told her I don't know because you never brought your boyfriend home.
Me: Why?
Mum: Donwan lah. When you get married then I say.

After I brought my guys home, mum would always spread the word. To her, they were THE ONE. kind of ironical I know. I hated when she blab because deep down, I wasn't so sure we would last. It's kind of 'don't jinx it by saying something good!'

Things changed around the last guy. We were dating for a while and my parents were convinced this was finally THE ONE. Alas, things didn't work out and mum told me she was sorely disappointed in me. Which is when I realised that ever since I broke up with the first guy, she had always thought of me as flippant. That really tore out the last piece of my heart.

Now that I actually don't mind her telling people I am dating or any more details she wants to reveal. But she has gone the opposite and denied it or portrayed me as the mysterious baddie. That really upsets me since I really want this to work out, it's hard as it is being a long distance relationship and I don't want this to be jinxed! Sigh.
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