i am so wary of giving out my handphone number nowadays. once it's out, it's free for all. people call you to sign up for credit cards, insurance, lucky draws, yoga classes etc... at least i can wave them off with 'I am NOT interested.' and 'No, I DO NOT have anyone to recommend.'

the ones that gets my goat are nonsensical work calls that i can't hang up on. i perfectly understand if there is an urgent issue/problem that needs to be resolved immediately. but if you can SMS at unearthly hours or weekends, that means it's not URGENT and SHOULD NOT require a response by the next day.

eg, 'please plan a menu for 5 and email me tomo'. 'please meet me at 11.30am for a meeting.' There is nothing wrong with the last message except it came in at 12.30am midnight the same day. i hung around for more than half a day and no mention of a meeting. all of a sudden at midnight, said person decides to have one tomorrow.

it is all so convenient. just send a SMS. the other party might not reply now but you can be sure he/she will see it the next day when it's time to leave for work. what riles me is the nonchalent manner it's done, the expectation that it will be obeyed and the lack of respect for after-work hours. if you can SMS, why can't you email? I can deal with it when I get into office. Or maybe it's cos there is no internet access in the office.

but I am a professional. I deal with it. I make things good. and one day ...
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2 Responses
  1. snowrach Says:

    and one day ... Looking forward to that day, U go girl! (^^)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wah, is that inconsiderate fool your boss?

    Bro Harvey