this week has been a confluence of emotions.

Happy: I am a 姐妹 for my friend's wedding and get this! - the 中文 intrepreter for her solemnisation. Since me is so kantang, I am surprised my friend gave me the role. But I am rising up to the challenge. Good thing got script though I still have to read out a whole bible passage in mandarin! and I have never even touched a Chinese bible before!

Sad: my grandma is in hospital. when i visited her, she looked different from the last time I saw her which was 5 months back. time flies, i wonder how much time I have with her. It's awful when it takes an incident to reunite 2 people.

Guilty: It took 2 outsiders to remind me of the most important thing in life. When we were leaving the hospital, my grandma's maid refused to leave. She was holding my grandma's hands and talking to her though my grandma repeated the same thing over and over. She happily played along. She fed my grandma. Advised us on my grandma's favourite foods. Knew all the controls of the hospital bed. Patiently coax my grandma to take her medicine. Teared when i finally tore her away from the bed.

while waiting in the taxi line at the hospital, my childhood friend and current neighbour to my grandma chided me for not spending time with my grandma.

I am guilty as charged. My punishment is that my grandma only recognises the maid now. Not her children, not her grandchildren. An outsider who has been with her a mere 10 months. I'm guessing it's not too late still. Grandma, get well soon.
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