last week was eventful. it all started on wed when i got news of my grandma's hospitalisation on my way to my friend's solemnisation rehearsal. update, grandma's not coherent and not eating. until she starts eating which includes taking her medicine, she can't be discharged. though her life is in no grave danger.

Then on fri, I attended VivoCity's 1st anniversary celebration. It was one grand party with overseas angmoh singers, acrobatic performances and fireworks! From afar, I thought the acrobat on top look like Harry Potter and my colleague agrees with me!

That same night, boss and I drank rounds of sake. 1st time I tried so many different sakes. Boss even brought out his secret Ginjyo stash. Yummy.. i am starting to develop a liking for sakes! Miraculously, I made my way home and pass out on my bed.

On sat, i visited grandma before meeting up with the 姐妹 to prepare the stuff for tekan-ing the groom and brothers. We had lemon juice, bittergourd juice, ribena and chilli padi seeds which lynn pounded and soaked in vinegar overnight. Gals take note, feedback from the brothers said the last one is damn potent!

Poor Lynn had to endure the stinging pain the chilli padi seeds gave her for a whole night. preparing the ingredients is harder than the actual tekan-ing. 6 hours of work all down the throat in 6mins.

the happy couple!
bride and me
祝他們白頭偕老, 永傑同心!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna drink sake too...