purses, purses and more purses. chanel, miu miu, botkier, mulberry... *sighs softly in longing*

something more down-to-earth would be a wii. i love the interactive idea and their cute games! but don't think i will get my wish since Nintendo is expecting a holiday shortage. and this is with a production of 1.8 million! *gasp*

Guess i won't be able to look like these cute Japanese girls for now.

the cheapest pressie on my list would be a tat. i am hooked on reality show, Miami Ink! I used to think 'why would anyone want to watch some guy getting tattooed? painful and take so long.' but i caught one episode and was captured by the artwork and the drama. contrary to expectations, the people getting tattooed look like they were in a spa. very painless and can talk about their stories which are always very touching!

(recent episode: this ABC got a huge tattoo of guan yin on his back because he said the goddess of mercy and compassion reminded him of his mum, sister and asian heritage. that's the ABC for you. it's weird how and where they search for their identity.)

anyway, the only lady tattooist on the Miami Ink show has moved to L.A to set up shop and now has her own reality show - LA Ink.
She recently offered $20 tattoos in a bid at World Record. Not sure if she succeeded but I wonder what her usual rates are. http://blogging.la/archives/2007/12/get_tattooed_by_kat_von_d_for.phtml
I would love to get me a crescent design. what do you think?
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  1. Victoria Says:

    Kat's usual rates are in the range of $500 per hour.

  2. Victoria Says:


  3. ilane Says:

    Gasp! Thanks Vic. Being a no tat prude doesn't sound too bad now. I checked out your site. You gotta any tat at Love/Hate?

  4. Victoria Says:

    I don't know specifically what a Love Hate tat costs, but I know it is double (or more) of the going rate. Locally, most tattoo artists charge $100/hour. Hard to tell though because Love Hate charges per tattoo and not per hour.