Today I had one of those 'This feels so real' dreams.

I am taking the bus to an exclusive neighbourhood much like Bukit Timah but built on an actual hill with lots of greenery. My friend, Adeline, was driving from her work place to meet me at a restaurant in the neighbourhood. When we both arrived, I was struck by Adeline's sheer blue blouse with ruffles over a white camisole. My first thought was 'wow, what a nice top!' and complimented her. (this is so me. definitely the conscious part of my brain talking.)

After initial pleasantries, Adeline solemnly handed me a report and said 'I looked through this already. Next time, you must write more words. Cannot just put in a lot of graphs and write a few sentences.' I felt disappointed but determined to re-do the report. Adeline then left to rush back to work.

Next moment in my dream, I had made my way to McDonald to re-compose the report. After getting there, I found that I had forgotten to return Adeline's blouse which she had let me try so I could buy if I liked it. I called Adeline and arranged to meet her at 5.30pm, thinking I could pass her my edited report as well. Then a waitress came to take my order. (Yes, in my dream McDonald has servers.) For some reason, the waitress thought I had time to waste and mischievously messed up my order so my cheeseburger meal cost over $50. By this time, it was 3pm and I was panicking cos I had to eat, re-do my report and travel to Adeline's workplace all in 2.5 hours.

The panicking woke me up. That was 4.45am. It's 6.45am now and I can't sleep.
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