The paradox about growing out your hair is that you always want to cut it off. So I have been debating about getting an asymmetrical haircut or a fringe but held back.

Then one day Kelly said to me 'Do you want to get your hair cut?' That was my sign. I randomly chose a salon, combined both styles and Voila! My new haircut.

It's the weirdest cut I have ever done and I'm still getting used to it. But Kelly loves it.

My hair looks slightly sloped but there are a lot of layers underneath.

To make sure that my hair curls in the way it should, Kelly bought me a hair straightener! This has ceramic plates emitting infra-red to make hair smooth and straight. Oddly it is also anti-microbial with purifying properties. Why hair needs to be purified leh?

I haven't used a hair straightener before so I'm gonna have fun trying it out!
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