I can't cook fried rice!

I haven't made this dish since home econs in secondary but how difficult can fried rice be right? So I found a simple 4 step instruction from the web that says:
1) cook garlic, onion and ginger in high heat for 1 min.
2) turn down to medium heat and put in meat, vegetables and rice. Stir constantly for 5 mins.
3) make a well in the centre of the rice and stir in egg. cook for 1 min, then gently push rice into egg. fry for 2mins.
4) Season with soy sauce, salt and pepper.

My 1st big UH-OH came when I threw in my veg, shrimp and rice. Stirring the rice about, it dawned on me that my veg and shrimp will never get cooked with all the layers of rice.

My 2nd UH-OH came when I put in 2 eggs which was way too much for the amount of rice I had and my rice became mushy.

This is the result.

looks like cous cous?

My rice got no wok hei, really need to get a wok for that. This skillet is so heavy I can't toss my rice plus there is no space to fry the rice.

For all the UH-OHs, the rice tasted quite yummy. Oh, I have a second revelation. They don't sell long beans in the grocery stores here! I sub with string beans.
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