Wiki defines Gaydar as the inituitive ability to determine if a person is gay or straight. My gaydar is non-existent so unless the guy is so obvious, I totally cannot tell. So how to be sure if a guy is gay?

I was watching a talkshow hosted by Tyra Banks and the guest was a psychology professor from the California State University at Fullerton. Dr Lippa has studied this topic for 10 years and came up with a list of physical characteristics to suggest a guy's orientation.

According to professor Lippa, gay men are more likely to:
1. have a counterclockwise hair whorl. hair whorl is the direction that hair at the back of the head grows.
2. have a longer index finger than ring finger on the left hand.
3. be left-handed or ambidextrous.
4. more interested in feminine occupations and hobbies.
5. have a different voice and movement eg. gay men tend to swivel their hips when they walk.
6. have a feminine childhood.

1 to 3 are easier to test out, 4 to 6 more subjective lah. But once we see 4 and 5, we auto assume the guy is gay. Anyway, I tested them out on Kelly. He got 1 out of 6. Won't tell you guys which one but I think that means he is not gay. Hee!
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