Today Angie and I set out to explore Sausalito! A mediterranean-style city in the Bay with pretty shops, seaview restaurants, colourful houses and many rich people.

It is a foggy day as I step out in San Jose.

My journey begins at San Jose Diridon station to catch a 1 1/2hr train ride to San Francisco...
And then it's a light rail away to the San Francisco Ferry Building where I meet up with Angie. We make the last part of our journey - a 1/2hr ferry ride to Sausalito.


The Inn Above Tide. Angie and I were taken by its romantic name and the sight of its wooden architecture shrouded in mist.

We stumbled upon this shop with lots of funny toys. Playboy chicken anyone?

Our favourite is the gum section! We spent a long time looking at all the witty pictures!

Quaint shops and beautiful restaurants

After a delicious meal of mussels in white wine and seared scallops with mushroom ravioli, we worked off our lunch by strolling along the pier.
Look! San Francisco and Alcatraz are buried under fog.

The fog disperses gradually

Houses dot Sausalito's waterfront. Most of them are 3 to 4 storeys high and built on a hill thus maximising the ocean vista. Because they are on a hill, the houses had roadside garages and a pulley system for hauling groceries and heavy shopping. wah!

Charming alleyways and a park

Sausalito's historical centre and a marina where all the yachts are for sale! Rich man's territory...

Have you ever seen a flourescent green ladybird before? Angie and I NEVER. We were so fascinated we took multiple shots of it.

On our way back to San Francisco, we got a great view of Alcatraz, Golden Gate and Bay bridge.

Once we reached San Francisco, we were girls with a mission. To Chinatown.

There were rows of stores selling cast iron sculptures like this frog here. Cute frog but can't imagine it in my house. Not to be distracted, we were off to find ...

THIS. An old-style HongKong bakery located at Grant and Jackson.

They sell the bestest eggtarts ever! The flaky crust holds a soft silky custard. One bite and I was hooked. Everytime I am in San Francisco, I HAVE to get them. Freshly baked everyday, the custard has the right sweetness and is so smooth I just slurp it down. The long lines everyday bear testament to its old school goodness and freshness. Yummy!!!
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