We fly to San Jose! Kelly is going up for work as usual and the nice guy that he is, he bought me a ticket so I could visit my friend. Yay! Since K doesn't work on Sundays, we visit Muir Woods, a 100-year old redwood forest in San Francisco. The tall redwoods and sunlight penetrating through the dense treetops reminds me of Enid Blyton's forest!

To Muir Woods we go!

Passing through San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

This is the rainbow tunnel. San Francisco is famously supportive of gay rights and the rainbow is an emblem of the gay movement so when I saw this colourful tunnel, I immediately wondered if there was a connection. Anyhow, it makes for a cheerier drive!

We parked a distance from the entrance to Muir Woods. Walking there, we came across this magical scene.

Muir Woods just celebrated its 100th year on Jan 9 2008.

This is the redwood creek that runs through the forest. During winter, steelhead trout and silver salmon will swim upstream to spawn. But we didn't see any. :(

Both of us really enjoyed strolling through this big natural park. There's me jumping up and down on a forest trail.

Last look at the Muir Woods

On our way down, we saw a dinosaur! K thinks this tree growing towards the road looks like a roaring dinosaur with its 'open mouth' and 'two forearms'.

Sunset over the hills

After Muir Woods, we went over to my friend's place for dinner. This is her and baby Zachary! Hee, last time I saw this boy, he was still in his mummy's tummy. This is my first time actually seeing him and he's already 7 months old!

I discovered that Kelly doesn't know how to carry babies! Zachary was so uncomfortable in K's arms that he cried. But Kelly made Zachary smile by playing peek-a-boo with him. 3 hours and a delicious dinner later, I found out that was the longest time K has ever spent with a baby. Hahaha! That explains why he doesn't know how to carry one. ;)
Thanks to Angie for hosting us and of course cooking up a delicious dinner. A homecooked meal far away from home is the best thing! Though we are very sorry she cut her thumb very deeply while displaying her culinary skills. :P I hope you are better now but don't 'recover' too soon so someone else can do the cooking. ;)
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