Hot on the heels of iPhone, Apple introduces another new fancy must-have gadget. The MacBook Air. Touted as the slimmest laptop ever and it fits right into a mailing envelope. OOOH!

My last and current laptop are gargantum giants and lugging them around gives me backaches. It got so bad once I couldn't move my right shoulder without pain. A good thing I had my sinseh. and now I have the MacBook Air.

So what gives for its size 00?
1. No lan port. Bad for me since I am still stuck in the modem dialup era.
2. No optical drive = no more Heroes, Desperate Housewives or Japanese dramas on DVD.
3. No SD card slot. How am I going to transfer my pictures?
4. Internalized battery. Plugging into wireless gives it an estimated 5 hours of battery life. But if the battery fails, you got to bring the whole thing in for repair.

But a size 00 means
1. I can swing it about, flaunt it, do away with a laptop bag and carry it in a stylish tote.
2. an in-built webcam. Cool since K and I are hemispheres apart.
3. a multi-sensory touchpad so I can move my arrow on screen like it's an iPod.

Much as I love it, it's not practical for me. This is a work/travel machine really. How about a version 2 for the home? i would gladly sacrifice some weight and price. ;D

Review here
Specs here
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