Inspired by ppm's trip to Singapore Science Centre, I decided to visit LA's.

It's a beautiful day and I arrive at the Exposition Park, home to Arts, Science, Botany and Athletics. The African American Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Center, Coliseum and a Rose Garden.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Built in 1921 as a memorial to WWI veterans, the Coliseum is the first stadium to host the Olympics twice in 1932 and 1984.

Even the benches got Olympic logo.

What's the bronze structure behind me?

A pair of life-sized nude male and female statues. They were modelled after 2 real-life athletes chosen for their anatomically accurate bodies. ;)

California ScienCenter - It's really spelt like that!

Giant lever at the Science Centre carpark. Drive your car onto the left scale like the red truck and balance it on the other side. Hint: Need many people.

I have no idea what this does. No sign or staff around to explain it.

Q: What is the similarity between a human, plant and animal?

A: We all have cells. See the bookcase below?
There are 428 books = the DNA information in a single human cell!

Left: T4 virus. Right: Aids virus.

Left: View of flower from human eye. Right: View of flower from bee's eye.

As we learnt, one defense mechanism for animals is camouflage. Check out these Scooter Dragonets. Their name so cute hor? Can you spot them?

Beep Beep! I love road runner cartoons as a kid. But how does this look like
THIS? The real thing not so cute leh.

Eggs in an incubator. Black chick on the left didn't make it. :(
Hamsters have good life. Run eat run eat.

eeks! BIG KA ZUA!


Video of an actual surgery. Weird thing to show when there are kids around...

Different size animal = Different amount of blood.

Our food goes a long long way in our bodies, 21feet = 6.4m to be exact!

Riding a unicycle is hard but riding one on tightrope?!

The unicycle exhibit was closed so I tried the hovercraft stimulation ride.

erm... I kept crashing. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get on the unicycle.

Bye bye ScienCenter!

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