The soldiers are ready. They had undergone the most rigorous training and are now a highly-skilled army. Their name inspires fear in the enemy.

The brave men line up in their ranks and file. Eager to fight the enemy to defend their land.

The soldiers are made of good stock. They did not crumble under pressure and were not afraid to go through fire.

Yet in the long battle, men were massacred.

Some fell,

and were buried in the grounds.

It was a long weary battle. Men were lost but many more survived.

The war might be won but the loss never forgotten. May the world never see another great cookie war again!

*i cheated. these were not made from scratch but from an oatmeal cookie mix. all i had to do was add butter, egg, water and raisins. hee! next time, i will try to make from scratch but i need to get a weighing machine first.
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