due to my leisurely lifestyle now, i surf A LOT. in the course of my very busy (online) lifestyle, i read a lot of blogs. Friends', celebrities, bloggers, fashion, cooking, any and every blog.

and then i begin to wonder how these popular blogs attract readers. what is their formula? i did intensive research and summarise my findings into these top 5 rules.

1. Post a lot of pictures. Don't need to write anything even. People are not interested in your language ability. They just want your fabulous life. But if you are not a celebrity, not chio or not happening, don't try this.
Examples: Dawn Yang, Felicia Chin, Cory Kennedy

2. Stir up controversy! Make you a talking point! Start selling used underwear online, get caught with your boyfriend in the act, talk about using the public handicap toilet.
Examples: Xiaxue, Talking Cock
*Links are specially chosen so they aren't NSFW.

3. Adopt a mysterious or OTT persona. Wit or dry humour IS part of the package. If your friends laugh at you and not with you, try No.4.
Examples: Little Miss Drinkalot, Cowboy Caleb, Mr Brown

4. Be an expert. Be the authority that people rely on. It need not even be some serious topic. Try hollywood gossip, fashion news or Singapore's favourite - Rate hawker food! Key is to be passionate.
Examples: A Socialite Life, ieatishootipost, Chubby Hubby

5. Be real, be yourself. No.1 also can apply here especially if you are a celebrity.
Examples: Lao Zhar Bo, Can of Worms, any bloggers.

and so after all that studying, I must apply them to my blog. Which rules should I adopt?
No.1 cannot. Not chio, not happening.
No.2 cannot. When you are in a new land all by yourself, this is a little hard to accomplish.
No.3 cannot. Post so many pictures on my blog already. What mystery?
No.4 cannot. I too talented. How to choose?
No.5. Same problem as No.1.

Lidat how to be famous???
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