At the Japanese bonsai court, I was admiring the carefully cultivated shapes of each plant when I came across this stone. Huh? Why is there a stone in a bonsai garden?!

Curiosity overtook me and I went in search of a gardener to explain the strange sight. The friendly guy told me a most interesting story.

"The spirit of Fushou lives in the stone. Fushou was a Japanese samurai who commited harakiri. Fushou died a tragic death so he is a very unhappy spirit. Some nights I stay here, I see Fushou walking around.

One day, I was going to drink some whisky when I saw Fushou. I decided to be nice asked 'Fushou, would you like a drink?' He was angry and called me 'Baka!' I was very offended. I am trying to be nice and he called me stupid. But Fushou couldn't drink because he was holding his guts in both hands. But he shouldn't call me Baka.

Now I ignore Fushou when I see him. I don't talk to him anymore."

Hmm.. I wonder if the story came from too much whisky but a good ghost story makes a place more fascinating ya? ;)

That wasn't the end of Huntington's night visitors. The gardener told me that 7 happy spirits inhabit these 7 stones.

Well, I hope these happy inhabitants balance Fushou's grouchiness. At least Fushou has neighbours to grumble to.

Smile Fushou!
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