My 1st attempt to go to the Huntington took me 2 hours and ended at the public library. The wrong directions were provided by a helpful bus driver. Hmmm, if you drove the same route everyday, won't you remember the attractions?

You would think that I have learnt a lesson but I made the same mistake AGAIN. I listened to a bus driver and he took me far far away from my destination. WHY DON'T THEY KNOW THEIR ROUTE? So I got off, walked for 2 hours and got there. Grrr!

Red lanterns for Chinese New Year.

My first stop is the library. Flash wasn't allowed so my photos turned out dark.

This is the Gutenberg bible, oldest printed book in Europe.

If you were a rich kid in the 18th century, you would learn your ABCs from a hornbook made of brass. Poor kids used paper.. At least they had lighter bags. Makes me glad we have colourful alphabets.

Audubon had a vision to illustrate 400 native birds in full clour and natural size. But as more and more species were discovered, he ended up drawing 1065 birds and nearly bankrupted himself. That's dedication.

ok, out of the dark library and into the sunshine of camellia garden.

The camellia path leads to a sculpture garden.

I spied a duck sunning itself and chased it for a better shot. Duckie wasn't happy though and kept quacking angrily at me.

Taking a break from suck chasing.

Choices choices choices... hmmm.

I head for the herb garden but there are more than herbs. Look at this HUGE vegetable!

How does lettuce grow so big? They are bigger than my head!

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lighting, or in rain? ...... Fair is foul and foul is fair. Hover through the fog and filthy air.
~ 3 witches in Macbeth stirring their cauldron.

Orange trees, beautiful flowers and ...... an alien flower.

Ever wonder how ancient people match meanings to a flower? Why must red roses imply passion, pink roses for love and white roses for purity? Click here for the origin of the language of flowers.

That alien flower has a very poetic name, 'Love in a mist'. It represents perplexity, guess I would be very perplexed if I get this from a guy.

and WAR!!! if I get this.
Unfortunate for the guy who gives this to a girl.

The Japanese garden is a pretty sight.

Looks as if Memoirs of a Geisha was filmed here.

This traditional Japanese house was dismantled, flew in and assembled in Huntington. There are 3 fully furnished rooms for sleeping, dining and a little tea appreciation.

bamboo walkway

a wooden bridge links the main garden to a dry landscape zen garden.

Ghosts live in these stones. Read more in the entry below.

Sakuras are in bloom now! They are a really sweet light pink, not the bright fuschia in this picture.

After a long afternoon, it's time to go home.

But not before I go shopping at the gift store. I buy a beautiful notebook to use as my diary and English-style cards with roses on them. Just perfect if I have a tea party. Not that I am going to have any but they are sooooo pretty!

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