There are so many things I wanna blog about! From my proudly cheapie buys to my scrumptious meals (take that with a pinch of salt) to thoughts on recent events. I sooo wish there was some way to convert mind images to web content. Hmm, but will that lead to porno overflooding? Ok, not a good idea.

Anyway, I've been lazy to blog. "Then what do you do all day?!" Well... I am a
tai tai = enjoy life = no need do anything

hahaha. I think the real reason is cos I hate to resize and post pics. Just imagine resizing and posting 50 pics from scratch. "Well then, use LESSER pictures." But the pictures ARE my story! So I will eventually get around to posting more pics once my inner angel triumphs over my inner lazy demon.

Today Kelly ever so subtly hinted about the lack of activities to occupy my time, "Won't you love to volunteer at an animal shelter?" Yes I would and I promise to look for courses/volunteer work by next week.

Adopt clever Kriket at SPCA LA

Interesting discovery of the day: Ang Mohs will pour tea for you but they pour theirs first.


Why is this interesting? Because ang moh culture is known to be cultivate independance (me first attitude). At meal times, an ang moh will only ever pick food or pour tea for himself and they will NEVER EVER share their food. So either this is a misconception or Kelly is just a very considerate guy. (Of course it could be that I have 'trained' him well... lol)

Recently I read an article that said ang mohs focus on one point or one person when taking pictures, thus images are more 'zoomed in'. On the other hand, Chinese tend to focus on the overall view. They incorporate the person into the background/scenery so pictures tend to be 'zoomed out'. Researchers say this shows that the Chinese recognise the interconnected-ness of one element to another and that ang mohs have a more independent approach. I think this is true. Picture taking wise, I find that Kelly takes a lot of closeups and sometimes I complain that he doesn't capture the view. Whereas I take a broader view and Kelly ends up being a tiny guy.

(Left) Kelly takes a closeup of his niece and I
(Right) I capture the people as well as the many presents surrounding them.

Ang Moh = Colloquial term in Singapore for fair skinned caucasians.
Tai Tai = Colloquial term in Singapore for a woman of leisure.
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