We still waiting for more pictures from various sources. Here's a preview.

My hair styled with fresh green orchids. I purposely chose orchids to reflect my Singapore roots. So patriotic hor?

Isn't the view fabulous? I love the lighthouse! and we can hear the crashing waves as we say our vows.

Weather reports predicted a thunderstorm. Thank God it didn't rain. Not even a hint of drizzle. BUT it was super windy. See my hair and dress? I almost did Marilyn Monroe!

We are married!!! It was a very casual affair. Kelly was warm in his sweater and jeans. I got goosebumps but my tres chic trenchcoat and minidress was worth it.

My mum-in-law looks so stylish!
The family

Sucked back into the 80s...

Our first post-wedding lunch -Hotdogs and Chilli Fries... Waaaa, he treats me so bad...

okok, I really really like hotdogs and chilli fries. The chilli here is not the red hot spicy chiili we are familiar with. It's a thick, savoury and rich sauce, looks like mashed bolognaise.

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