Kelly's friend, Nik, was moving to Thailand so she hosted a farewell party at The Hollywood Canteen.

A club that spins pop! I likey.

Girl-of-the-moment in a hot red dress with her boyfriend

who I think looks A LOT like Vincent Van Gogh.

Group shot. Oh, see that thing behind us? It's a REAL trailer bus that the club converted into a chillout room.

As usual, after clubbing I always want some warm comfort food which would be roti prata and teh bing if I can choose. Of course there is no roti prata nor bak kut teh. So my options are ang moh-style breakfast like ham, sausage, eggs and pancakes or 24 hours Korean food.

my first time having Korean food for supper. i think it's a great idea. Everyone too. The place is pa-c-ked.

Look at our spread! We only ordered 2 tofu casseroles but it comes with a whole lot of Korean-style appetisers eg. fried fish, kimchi, pickled radish, hard boiled eggs and potato salad. Our casseroles also came with 2 bowls of rice and 2 bowls of soup. Eat until peng.

Ajuma scooping rice for us.

If you are feeling extra healthy, there's ORGANIC vegetable.

Name of a building we saw on the way home.

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