We have been busy. Weekends gone from scouting potential wedding locations. So far every place we have seen is compared to location #2. That's when we realised THIS IS THE ONE!

Place #2 is the Los Angeles Fine Arts Building. It's seriously one of a kind. A designated historic-cultural monument, the Romanesque revival arhictecture dates back to 1927. Originally envisioned as an artist cluster with workshops, studios and an exhibition hall, the building was sold upon completion instead due to the Depression.

View standing in the ornate lobby of coloured tiles and terra cotta

View from mezzanine level of lobby

Fantasy figures on the arches of the mezzanine level

View from the entrance

Elevators where the bride and groom makes a grand entrance


This bridal salon near our place was having a sample sale so we went to check it out, thinking there can't be any decent gowns at a sale. But to our surprise, we ended up paying for one.

My criteria was pretty simple: mermaid-style, ivory and <$1500. The salesgirl and I picked out 5 to try on. These are the 2 I like best.

Choice One
Presenting *drum rolls* ... the Grace Kelly gown! Classic and classy, this is Kelly's idea of the perfect dress. But I always want something a little more drama for my wedding. After all, this is only once in a lifetime. Plus the salon only had size 6 which means I need to pay couple hundred more for alteration.

Second Choice

Presenting *drum rolls* ... the Mermaid gown! It has all these ruffles at the bottom that reminds me of seafoam so when I stepped onto the platform to look in the mirror, I felt like a mermaid preening on a rock. When I put it on, I immediately knew this was what I was looking for. The good thing about this dress is that it's a 2008 design so they can order it in my size.

I know Kelly likes Dress #1 so I turned to the salesgirl for advice and she chose Dress #1. In desperation, I called my friend and described the dresses to her. She also prefers Dress #1. Sigh.. why doesn't anyone like Dress #2? The only problem for me is that I can't visualise Dress #2 in the location we have picked out. Since the reception and ceremony are in the same place, almost all our pics are gonna be taken there. So the dress must look the part.

There is a third choice of course. Which is to check out another salon. I dunno what possessed me not to do so. Anyway, the 'damage' is done but I keep wondering if I made the right choice.

Which gown would you have picked?

(Update: I ended up with Dress#1. )
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