i haven't clubbed, drank or danced in the longest time and i miss that. can't hold my alcohol now, one drink and everything's a blur. LA being celebrity-land, i always want to go to one of those hot clubs and check out celebrities. k feels that such clubs are too shallow. but that's the fun right? anyway, the line is not fun. always damn freaking long and i wonder if it's like what you see on tv/movies. they reject you cos you not hip/hot/pretty enough? eeks!

Anyway, k and i decided to check out a local bar last Sat. We got there at 10pm and it was relatively quiet. There was a DJ spinning trance stuff which I hate cos it makes me sleepy. So I pinched myself and watched the crowd stream in.

Half an hour and a drink later, I was bored and started missing home. Some cool DJ was coming on at midght so we (i) stuck it out. 2 hours and 2 drinks later, the DJ went on stage but my mind was thinking supper already. So we listened for a while, then left. Ramen, mmm.

As we were leaving, I asked the bouncer if we could re-enter. He said no. Bloody hell, $10 for entrance, $10 for drinks. Total we spent $70 in a small bar and we can't return?!

Later I learnt from K that clubs/bars here don't sell drinks by the jug except beer. So if you want to make your dollar last, you are stuck with beer. Alcohol's not cheap here.

Gosh, I was hit by a serious bout of homesickness. I so want to party at MOS and St James. Are there new clubs in SG???
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