friends would ask me "how's married life?". I ask the same thing of my married friends and in truth, it's the same. Nothing has changed. No shocking habits to discover, no i-want-to-stay-by-your-side-forever. Week after our ROM, k went back to work as usual on Mon. So it felt more like a party.

recently k and i had a blowout. i was mad at him and the more i thought about it, the angrier i got. thoughts of leaving crossed my mind and then it dawned on me that i can't just pack up and go now. there's no exit plan now. i realised what marriage really meant then. not that i didn't know before, but i wasn't faced with a situation where it could be tested.

we are ok now. it wasn't that bad to begin with. but that was no. 1. There would be more to come I guess. *touch wood* though after this, i really appreciate him. for listening and being willing to change and do what it takes. it touches me and melts my heart. i love him for that.

(now he just has to keep doing that. hahaha. K doesn't read my blog by the way.)
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