Couple weeks back, K & I went to a street festival celebrating Thai New Year. mmm.. looking forward to Thai food.

First thing we saw, actors glammed-up for a play.

Stores selling bags and accessories. The umbrella is a smart idea. It was a super hot 30+ degrees with no shelter. Good thing we applied sun block on our faces before stepping out the house.

If you are worried that the sun exposure is giving you wrinkles, no worries! Wrinkle Iron to the rescue!

Hee, this guy seems to be enjoying the pampering.

Tired from walking? Get a soothing massage.

If you are feeling lucky, have a go at lottery. You just might win a car.

Oh my.. look at the pouf and oversized rhinestone sunglasses on the TV host!

Ccool way to beat the heat! I love her mohawk, cheery yellow dress and orange wedges!

Time to grab lunch! Uh oh, look at the queue. All the stalls had snaking lines like this.

Watch the fierce Muay Thai fighters,
while sharing Pad Thai,
Spicy stuff to sizzling match

Traditional Thai dance

This spontaneous couple were twirling to the music. With matching outfits somemore.

Beauty pageant. She was my favourite contestant.

Free beer on hot days draw the crowds. We didn't want to stand in line to get a coupon, then line up again to get a beer.

So we pop into a little shop beside the beer tents for some respite from the heat.

And order a freshly made banana smoothie and Thai Ice Tea. aaaah... sooo good.

I must have my dessert after every meal. Who can resist home-made sticky rice with mango? :)

The stall next door was selling Thai-style meatballs and Thai sausages which looks exactly like Taiwan sausages. But it's not as sweet and definitely more greasy than the Taiwanese stuff which I prefer.

How does hotdog and Thai food gel? Well, this store used to be a hotdog stand. When the current Thai owners took over it, lease stipulations forbid the removal of the giant hotdog.

Now, it's a fascinating attraction for curious tourists.

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