Since K & I inteng to get a mini daschund in future, we were thrilled to discover that there were monthly Daschund races in Spring. Of course we had to go! The races were held in Old World Village, modelled after a tiny German village, with a few restaurants and shops.

This is the race track! As you can see, it's not very long.

Familiarising his dog with the track.

To get a daschund to race, wave its favourite treat or toy in front of it. Then back down slowly to the finishing line and keep the treat or toy in its sight. Once the gates are lifted, they are run to you.

This little guy can't wait for the race to start!

and they aRE OFF!!!

The puppy races are held first and pup only do half-track. Most of them are first-timers and easily frightened or distracted by the crowds. Instead of running, they sometimes stall and refuse to move. When this happens, the owner has to coax it to go to them.

But coaxing does not always work. This scared puppy is making its way back to the start line instead.

When this happens, go to your puppy but DO NOT pet or pick it up cos giving it affection is reinforcing its bad behaviour. Gently put puppy back on the track and lead it to the finish line. REWARD IT then.

Proud owners and funny doggie names: Oliver Fishbag, Maximillius, Hot Rod and my favourite, Chilli Dog.

After all the puppies had their turn, it's time for the big boys.

Ready, Get Set ...


Supporters and fans

Introducing the lovable daschund.


"Y'all having fun?"

"No no, don't feel out of place. You are equally cute."

like him.

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