It's officially summer. It's the one season in LA I have not experience and after today, can't say I enjoy it. After the toe-freezing days of winter and early spring, I was so looking forward to warm weather.

But if that means 32 degree days like today, even opening all windows and blasting 3 fans doesn't help. It's hot to venture out plus the heat makes me lethargic. Escaping to the beach isn't much better. Imagine walking on burning sand. Lying under the sun, I feel like a baked potato.

By comparison, Singapore is much better. No doubt it's hot but there are more trees and more buildings which means more shade and plenty aircon. Even the public tranport is a relief. Air con buses. Air con trains. Air con interchanges. Here, the buses have no concept of air conditioning. If you are hot, open the windows. Which just lets all the hot air from outside in. It's like buses in the 80s.

So while Singapore is one big sauna, LA is like being roasted over a pit. Alive.
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