4th of July fell on a Friday this year so we had a long weekend! Yay! It's also my first time celebrating. (Excuse Kelly's weird expression. The American flag does that to him.)

Nothing spells Independence Day like:



And fireworks!

Doesn't the fireworks look spectacular? Can you believe they come from this tiny little tube?

Besides fireworks, we had smokebombs which come in so many colours like pink, blue and yellow. Hee, I never see one before. Some of Kelly's friends decided to throw one near the yellow car.

Which happens to be a new car! See the owner's reaction!

When night fell, it was time to let the dynamite out of those little tubes. See how blinding it is!

Besides tubes, fireworks also come in the form of a colourful sphere like the one on the left. Doesn't it look like one of those models used in chemistry classes? The thing on the right is called a flower. It spirals and hops about before fizzling.

Beautiful fireworks

The owner had a turntable so some friends brought their personal records and started DJing. I love the light effects of this funky discoball.

Even cooler, the owner has a FOG MACHINE! WhooSH!
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