I think it's time I start being more conscientious about using anti-aging products. I am lazy when it comes to skincare. My usual routine is a simple 2 step - wash face, put on moisturiser. When there is some big event, I do a mask the night before. But if I want to age as gracefully as Cherie Chung or Maggie Cheung, I better start my regime now.

So gals, can you share any effective miracle product you know that combines anti-aging, moisturiser and SPF? I have been using Lancome moisturiser for a while. Imagine my delight when my research turned up the Absolue Premium BX Creme which has everything I need! But I just bought a new moisturiser so going to finish that first.

I asked the salesgirl at Lancome counter about the difference between their anti-aging products and she recommended Lancome Primordiale Skin Recharge moisturiser for me. It's targeted at younger women, more for prevention rather than repair. By the way, if you compare an Asian and Angmoh woman of the same age, the Asian almost always looks younger. It's all the makeup women here apply. That's why the salesgirl think I am young. Muahaha! So move here if you want to look younger. Time-wise, can turn back 14 hours of your life.

Back to the moisturiser, I love it! It smells like roses and is non-sticky. Best of all, the effects are immediate! I put this on and my face is smoother and softer. Even when I wake up the next day, my face is still smooth and soft. Even when I skip my moisturiser for a day, face still retains the softness and smoothness. I have recommended it to another friend of mine who's equally laidback about skincare. ;)

So I don't know if I should move up to the Absolue Premium BX Creme. Will it be too strong? Any other creams, lotions, serums that you can recommend which I can buy in US?
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