I want to be an offbeat bride.
No white dress, check.
Leather gloves, check.
Bright coloured shoes, check.
Masquerade party, woohoo!

But as I search for wedding accessories, I realise the whole bridal industry is a conspiracy to make all women look like demure princesses. *rolls eyes* My dreams of being an offbeat bride are shattering by the minute as I make one purchase after another. The gown, these earrings...

I didn't like this pair initially cos I thought the shape was odd. Didn't help that Saks website had one ugly picture of them looking stiff and unmovable. Until I saw this bride with them. We have an Art Deco theme and the simple geometric design is perfect for it.

I was inexplicably drawn to these vintage clip earrings the moment I laid eyes on them. They are more than 20 years old but are in mint condition. The picture does not do justice to how sparkly the rhinestones are. Plan to use them in my bouquet.

This is the only offbeat accessory in the lot. Currently the birdcage veil is looking more like a turban. I know K is horrified and I'm hoping the hairstylist can work wonders.

Sigh, I spent ONE MONTH looking for the perfect shoes. Friends tell me that the shoes are hidden under the dress anyway, who can see? But if I have less stellar shoes, I will feel like the girl who's all dressed up in a sexy cocktail dress with granny undies.

I have found not one but many many perfect shoes. The problem is they cost above USD400. Times like this, I wish I was a real Beverly Hills taitai. But since I'm not, I have to extend mercy to K's wallet. So I settled for these champagne heels. They look sparkly and nice on my feet but I am getting further and further from my offbeat dreams.
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