Hi, my name is Hunter.

This may surprise you given my name but I DO NOT hunt. I used to but my previous owner hated the mice and birds I left on his doorstep. Sigh... all that hard work and he didn't want to let me into the house?! Since I don't have to rack my handsome head for presents, I spend my days meeting up with friends around the hillside, eating and sleeping.


Paul Starr was my beloved owner. He's a makeup genius who has beautified the faces of Hollywood such as Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey ... the list goes on. The stars I hobnobbed with!

Paul was also an incredibly kind gentleman. While I was a little kitty, all alone in the wild, I stumbled into his home by accident. Hungry and cold, I meowed pitifully for food and warmth. Paul felt sorry for me and took me in. Did I mention he also took in a blind dog before he met me? Very generous man. Unfortunately he passed away a few weeks ago. I was lost and depressed. Then there were all these people coming in and out of the house which made me very scared and Paul is not around to protect me anymore.

2 months before Paul was gone, I started visiting Kelly and Ilane at their house everyday. I love walking around the neighbourhood and, K&I always welcome me so warmly with affectionate petting and treats! Gotta love a couple like that.

When Paul passed away, K&I were worried about me. Whether the new owner will love me as much as Paul did. Whether I would be happy in the new place. Most importantly, they were sad that they would never see me again. So when Kelly called to offer his condolences, he offered to take me in. Told ya, I was popular. Anyway, this was a great arrangement. I wouldn't have to deal with the stress of moving after losing Paul and I get to live in the same hill I grew up in.

That's your Royal Highness. Give me what I want. NOW.

Me being all submissive. I think this impressive act of quiet docility deserves treats!

Which cat doesn't like a good nap? Yes, I pass Sit and Reach every year.

Thanks to the Internet, I have friends overseas. Close to my heart is the Singapura cat. Indigeous to South East Asia, my friend has a short coat, large eyes and big ears like me. The light beige colouring is unique to him though. We have so much fun when we chat on MSN. He's extroverted, playful and curious. So easy-going lor! See, he taught me Singlish!
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