We haven't built the pet door yet so I have to open the door for kitty each time he goes out or comes back in. Which is all very well for me cos I can choose NOT to open the door. So I can cuddle him till he meows for a breather. Only after do I let him out.

Tuesday night, I spotted kitty enjoying a moonlit night on the patio. So I decided to open the door and say Hi but I was greeted by the sight of a racoon coming up the steps to my door! The raccoon stopped when I opened the door. Equally stunned, I was hoping it would leave. BUT it started ambling up the steps. So I had to slam the door in its cute face.

Contrary to its cute face, raccoons are wild animals which can turn ferocious. Besides they have wonderful memories and I don't want them remembering that my house = food!

Wednesday night as I was opening the door for kitty, I spotted something dark squeezing through the gaps of my gate towards the house. I called Hunter to come in but he just sat there staring. In that one moment, I started imagining Hunter being ripped to bits by this thing and I HISSED.

Erm, I don't know why my first instinct was to do that but it worked. Dark thing ran away and all I saw was a long rat-like tail. Which probably belongs to a possum.

There is some upside to my nocturnal activity after all!

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Within 5 minutes of spotting the raccoon again, I saw a shooting star! I was so shocked I forgot to make a wish. Damn!
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