Thank you for remembering and leaving me messages via email, sms and chatboard. I want all of you to know that we are very touched by your blessings before we go off for a one week road trip with my parents. (So not considered to be honeymoon)

Of course there were some kinks on the actual day. The big ones include my dad-in-law doing a Houdini, my period arriving and us running behind schedule. Because of that, we had limited time to take personal photographs. Unlike in Singapore where the bride and groom-to-be dress up in their wedding finery and enjoy a whole day (or vacation) of photo taking, couples here only take personal portraits on the actual day.

Not too sure if it's because we were running late, I think my photographer also didn't capture all the little details that I poured my heart, soul, sweat (and arguments with hubby) into. Hope to be proven wrong when we receive the photos 3 weeks later.

Moral of the story: No matter how seasoned your photographer is, give them a checklist of the shots you want.

Having said that, the wedding was all that I envisioned and more! Seeing my conservative parents teach my in-laws how to yell yam seng and doing it every opportunity shocked me. Seeing them dance the night away made my jaw dropped. Seeing their faces flush red with wine and happines, I knew they trusted that I was in safe hands. :)

Kapo these shots from my friend!

And I was so sure I wouldn't cry...

Thanks guys for driving all the way down for the wedding!

The odd thing about this picture? He's looking too happy while I attempt to 'stab' his friend.
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