would you choose to give an interview in front of a man with bloody pants killing turkeys?!

Even if Palin had anything in depth to say, having an abattoir as background is insane. The interview felt more like a macabre movie. Where you can't peel your eyes off the screen even if you are screaming inside. Her voice was static as I looked on disgustedly at the man shoving turkeys down the killing machine with blood everywhere. All I heard towards the end was "I will be in charge of the turkey"... "This is where I need to be to get it done"... I mean can't you schedule an interview and your visit to get fresh turkeys at different times?

There is nothing wrong with an abattoir. I am a meat-eating carnivore and am grateful someone out there can do this so I get meat on my plate. BUT I don't want to know the reality of it. I am happy and contented to know that cows are alive and meat are just meat. I don't want to think about how it happened. I believe most people are like me. SO WHY ON EARTH WOULD AN EX-VP CHOOSE TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW IN AN ABATTOIR? I am sure there are more ways to appeal to certain demographics in US. And you have more than those demographics to appeal to if you are going to run for president.

The age old riddle came to mind. How many PR firms does it take to turn Palin around?

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