The place we bought our Christmas tree last year has been closed to make way for a public library. So we decided to drive around and check out the first tree lot we see. Pics taken with camera phone, excuse the poor quality.

Contrary to what is portrayed in movies, the Christmas tree lots we have been to are rather tiny. Definitely nothing like rows and rows of pine trees.

Aha. Looks like Kelly has his eye on one tree already.

LA is snowing!!! Hehe, nope. Just a flocked tree. Flocking is the process of applying artificial snow to a tree.

Gasp! Is that.... THE ONE? Pine trees are usually bound up tightly and sent to the lot. Once there, some are untied for customers to view. If you don't like what you see, tell an employee what you are looking for and they will pick one out from storage. After which, they untie the tree and fluff it open for you.

Once you have chosen your pine, it is taken to the workroom where a stand and water pan is hammered into the base of the tree.

Our Christmas tree is ready!

I tat I saw a pudgy tree!
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