For our Seattle holiday, we were bunking over at Eve's. So I wanted to get her husband and her a gift to say thanks. Definitely something unique to LA but no tacky tourist souvenirs. Problem is that Seattle is a big city. What can they lack that LA can provide? There is one ...

The Time Travel Mart! Souvenirs from the past and the future. Is it me or is there something grammatically wrong with the tagline 'Whenever you are, we're already then'?

In the window display, robot meets caveman.

Starting from the beginning of time, dinosaur eggs

followed by the cavemen's drawing block.

Representing the medieval times are a knight's chain mail,

a soap bar,

and medicinal tonics.

Moving forward, we have items from the 20th century.

Even facial hair has trends!

In the future, robots would drink a special type of milk.

The smallest robot in the world, Nanobot, would be invented.

So small that you can't see it with your naked eye!

You can even get cloned food. :p

Sigh, I am one day too late for slushies.

We got Eve and her hubby a LA guidebook written by children and a nanobot. Leaving, we saw this early twentieth century office.

Plenty of cute stuff but my happy snapping caught the attention of the cashier who stopped me. So I had to pluck these pics from The Daily Monster, the guy who designed the humourous packaging.

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