Leaving on a Jetplane

Leaving LA.

Isn't nature the most beautiful?

Flying over snow mountains.

A sea of clouds. Doesn't it look bouncy?

Descending on Washington state.

Arriving in Seattle

Seattle, aka Emerald City. The green can be explained by its other name, Rain City.

City of Bellevue

First stop was the mall at Bellevue, a city east of Seattle. Followed by dinner at what must be the yummiest Taiwanese restaurant in the States.

I miss the minced pork rice, stir-fry lamb with kang kong and the kong bak pau. I never eat this in Singapore cos of the huge slab of fat that accompanies each piece of meat. The version here has less fatty meat, salted vegetables sprinkled with peanuts. The touch of salted veg is really unique!

Not a complete meal without desserts. If only I can customise all my ice kachangs like this. This comes with azuki beans, taro cubes and grass jelly drizzled with condensed milk.

More on beautiful Seattle tomorrow!

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