Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Today was the perfect day to visit the beautiful grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle.

The oldest and most acclaimed winery in Washington State.

We decided to take the tour first.

Which lies behind these doors.

Award winning wines are made here. After the tour, we were led to their shop and purchase a bottle of sweet Muscat to accompany our laksa dinner. Their Muscat is not distributed to the stores so it was a real treat.

Look what greeted us when we left the shop.

"What you looking at?"

A huge wine barrel! Wonder how many trees it's made from.

The Manor House behind Kelly.

We walked around the beautiful grounds and chance upon ...

Peahens! There's a whole harem living out there and only 2 peacocks. Do the Maths.

Neighbourhood of Fremont

We couldn't bear to leave charming winery but there are more places to visit such as the arty neighbourhood of Fremont.

Where lies a angry troll crushing a Volkswagen Beetle in his hands.

I am only slightly taller than his arm!

I decided to blow a kiss to Mr Troll while ...

Kelly looks up his nostrils ???

The girls hold tight to Seattle's Best to keep them cosy in the cold air.

Sometimes referred as 'The People's Republic of Seattle', Fremont was once a center of counterculture but has gentrified in recent years. A mark of its past remained in this Lenin statue salvaged from Slovakia by a local art dealer.

Kelly refuses to let go of the communist father

and I refused to let go of this humongous packet of fries.

When I finally made Kelly let go of Lenin, he decides to sulk like Anakin Skywalker.

Another distinctive landmark of Fremont, an old rocket fuselage.

We spent a ton in this store while the sky turned dark overhead and started to snow!

Post Alley

The snow didn't deter us from heading to more places. One of which is Post Alley famous for its Gum Wall.

Some conscientious guy's effort to create a message.

Pike Place Market

We didn't stop long at the disgusting wall and went over to Pike Place Market next door.

This is the famous fish throwing stall that inspired the self-motivation book, Fish.

Fresh produce at the market. Have you ever seen such a strand of chilli peppers?

First tulips of the season! And cheap too.

All these beautiful bouquets go for $20 each. I have never seen these flowers before and never seen them combined like that.

These colourful sticks are dried fruit logs rolled in coconut. Kelly's favourite thing in the market.

Erm, me pretending it's a cigarette...

We chanced upon this beautiful sunset. Which wet market has a view like that?

The FIRST Starbucks Store!

This is the first Starbucks that started the whole coffee empire.

It retains the original Starbucks logo with the naughty siren.

Captured this beautiful scene as we were leaving Pike Place.

I don't know why they have pigs instead of reindeers.

Saw this as we were walking to the car. Hehehe...
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