One day I woke up to find a bee buzzing above my head. A few days later, there were 2 bees. Soon I was killing 8 bees a day. That was when I realised something was very wrong.

I called the bee removal guy to assess the situation. The day before he came, it got worse. A few hundred bees were swarming in front of our door. So I joked to Kelly that the bees were having a moving in party.

Not far from the truth. The bee removal guy confirmed that the bees had build their home in the eaves. Good thing he was free to deal with it the same day. This is him jumping on our bed to scotch tape a gap in the ceiling.

Bee guy suiting up. You know Colony Collapse Disorder? We would prefer if the bees could be removed live. Unfortunately, there is no way to get to where the hive is so we had to seal up the area and fumigate it. Meaning the bees inside are gassed to death. :(

Good thing most of the bees were out. Hopefully they get adopted into other hives.

We were hiding behind the door while bee guy sealed up the gaps leading to the eaves.

Gassing the bees...

The bees out in the day came home in the evening but they couldn't enter their house. For a week, they just clustered around the entrance. I don't know if they are just confused or grieving for the dead bees inside.
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