No, I didn't get scammed again.

Kelly's friend was celebrating his 30th birthday with a superhero kickball match. Kelly convinced me that no one would dress up. -_-

I was actually very enthusiastic about looking for a costume which is unusual since I hate dressing up during Halloween. Of course when you think superheroine, the first who comes to mind is Wonder Woman. But I didn't have confidence to show so much skin. So I really admire this lady.

Off to save the world again!

Do I see Incredible Hulk? (at first, I thought he was Ninja Turtle...)

The superhero summit. Discussing strategy for kickball? btw, Kickball is played like baseball except you kick instead of bat.

Lots of capes were flapping in the wind.

We even have a German barmaid, perfect for a hot day.

Who says you can't play ball in a wedding dress?

He ran so much his boxers dropped! Erm, good thing he's wearing a long skirt after all...

Kelly between 2 hot girls.

A running start!

Even heroes need a break.

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