Roger from Customer Service: May I have your order number please?

Roger: May I have your name please?
Me: (Infinitesimal pause)

Roger: Do you know your name?
Me: Yes. Ilane.

Roger: Nice name, Ilane.
Me: Thank you.

Why is it that customer service is always in the extremes? Of course I very much appreciate it when they praise my name. But I can't help feeling like every exchange with customer service, even the nice ones, feels like speaking with a robot. I know they have a training guide which tells them to ask questions 1, 2, 3 etc. But why doesn't the guide include a note on being warm and human?

On the occasion that customer service was very human, I was insulted with "Oh i see, YOU ARE VERY POOR!" and she hung up on me. Sigh.
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