we are told to be grateful for the small things.

But when something so big and wonderful comes along, one is completely bowled over. I am more than grateful, more than thankful, more than loved. I can only say 3 words to express how I feel.


Maria, thanks for supporting us! If I'm ever in Colorado again, I'll definitely look all of you up and treat you all to a good meal! Thank you for being so wonderful!

Karen, I always say this but it's never too much to say one more time. I always appreciate your words of wisdom and blessings. I feel very loved and know I can always rely on you for advice. Thank you!

Sabrina, how time flies! You are a wonderful mama, wife and colleague. That is something I have to learn from you! Thank you for your blessings, I hope to say this to you in person!

Erm Pat, why you like Charlie in Charlie's angels? Can hear voice, cannot see face. I heard something about a big big ang bao? You are giving me a big red packet? Thank you! And yes, I have learnt to cook. Teriyaki chicken. -_-

Simon, you remind me of a travel host on TV leh! Very professional! Thank you for your well wishes!

Chris, why you torture poor Loki? It was meowing pitifully, so sad! By the way, I don't know whether to think your ang moh bad or your Cheena bad. But thank you for your congratulations, corleek!

This is why I love my girlfriends! Muacks Muacks Muacks! Kelly, you have to do what they say okay? I got backing behind me... hee!

Faith-fu, for beautifully linking up all the little segments and creating a super touching vid. You didn't even get to be in front of the camera!!! But you did a pro job, thankew! Muacks!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to plan, create and be part of this video. I couldn't view the video in the package you all sent and only just got a new DVD from Lea. I'm sorry I took so long to see this video and really regret I didn't see it in LA. The feelings would be so different cos you are all so far away!!! Regardless, I'm still very very touched!!
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