Kelly has only met my parents and paternal grandma so I am really looking forward to the tea ceremony in Singapore. Not only would he be introduced to Chinese customs, he gets to meet my relatives personally. As we know, there is no time to talk to people during the wedding dinner.

Then my maternal grandma decides she doesn't want to go through the tea ceremony because she never did so for her paternal grandkids and it might be awkward to make an exception for her maternal grandkid (me). Read: People might gossip.

I respect and love my grandmas a lot. If I want to show my adoration, what has the decisions of her other grandkids got to do with me? To me, since I am having a tea ceremony, might as well do it for the whole extended family. Not like my family is very big anyway. My married friends, enlighten me. Does custom dictate you only serve tea to paternal family?
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  1. hmm.. not sure about customs but in my family we do serve tea to both paternal and maternal side. just that paternal family members get to go 1st & in terms of seniority.

  2. Senorita Woo Says:

    Yup.. for me it's the same.. both paternal and maternal.. super big family from K's side!!

    Sigh.. family politics can be rather irritating at times..

  3. xin Says:

    most of the weddings i noe. tea is served to both maternal and paternal sides... so thr's 4 sets of reletives to serve tea to...