People wonder what I do with all my time. When the reply is "wedding planning", it's hard to fathom how an entire day can be taken up with that. I am hyper and OCD. Being sick has its usefulness sometimes. While I could kick back and enjoy the convenience a Singapore wedding package, I choose to scour through thousands of websites looking through hundreds of invitations, hundreds of shoes, hundreds of bridesmaid dresses, hundreds of accessories and more. Everything is done individually and nothing is done in small numbers.

My other job is writing for on my favourite topic, weddings. is an online news site with professional writers and a variety of interesting topics. Thus my site is more reporting driven with a focus on the Los Angeles wedding scene. But I like to include news, trends and beautiful weddings from all over the world.

Between this and my wedding, I am guilty of neglecting Love, Love Me Do. To think I can still contemplate setting up my own wedding website. I haven't got a clear focus for that yet so it will have to wait. Not forgetting the cat who is shedding like crazy and housework. I am kept busy. Only those tasks don't pay off monetarily. I need to look for a part time job but it's very irresponsible to quit in 2 months. Right?

Please help me spread the word and share my Examiner site with brides-to-be and grooms-to-be okay? Thank you!!!
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