We arrived here after a 2 hour long drive. (cue cows mooing and birds chirping) Where are we?

Follow me down the rabbit hole...

Today is cave exploration day! We are taking a guided tour of Cosmic Cavern.

Looks like ugly alien life forms. The types of formations go beyond the stalactites and stalagmites we learn in geography class. There's pearls, popcorn, soda straws, bacon and more.

K is eyeing the giant stalagmite suspiciously and that's some calcite on an odd looking formation.

Everyone climbed up to this shelf and asked the guide to take pictures for us.

Next stop! Guess where we are?

How about a scenic railway ride?

Which comes with its own conductor!

The train has been in use since the 1940s. Can you tell?

It's a short 4 mile ride and this is all we saw along the way.

When the driver's cabin had to turn around in order to drive the train back to the station, the conductor got all of us to come out for some train smushing fun.

Train smushing is when the train comes down the tracks fast,

and smushed the coins you have placed on the tracks!

After and before. Only our penny got squashed. If we knew, we would use more pennies. Don't try this on your own tracks. The train needs to be at a controlled speed and the coins need to be placed a certain way.

Back to the station!

Last stop, the pretty pretty town of Eureka Springs. This is a very old town with lots of quaint Victorian-style stores. Local laws mandate that shops can only stay open till 5pm.

We reached at 5.30pm so most of the shops were closed. I don't understand why they set the 5pm rule cos the streets were bustling when we passed through at 4pm. So people who stay there overnight have nothing to eat and nothing to do.

Cute signs.

Don't you feel more like tourist than criminal at the Court House?

There was a nice outdoor concert so we bought ourselves ice cream and sat down to enjoy.

While strolling around the gradually quiet town, we came across this beautiful garden.

Hahaha, I wanted Kelly to do a thumbs up with the giant stalagmite but he refused cos got people on the tour with us. When we saw this plant, he finally posed for me!
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