My goal is to visit as many states as possible. So we decided to drive across the border into Missouri to chalk up my state numbers.

After a 2.5 hour drive of nothing but cows and hays, we reached our destination.

Nope, not here to see the geese.

We are here to drive this.

The speedboats and jet skis were rented out so we were left with a ginormous pontoon for the two of us.

Welcome aboard boat no. 14! This is our friendly driver.

And his gorgeous passenger. hahaha, buay hiao bai.

Nice summer day out on Table Rock Lake.

Plenty of seats, want to join?

My happiest moment came when Kelly asked if I wanted to drive. Erm, you don't need a licence to drive a boat right?

It was so hard to take this pic. My eyes were all over the place, hoping I don't crash into any speedboats or jet skis. I was driving slower than Kelly too.

Look at the huge float! It looks like those molecule toys from chemistry class.

The speedboat we wanted to rent.

A wooden rollercoaster above the lake, so cool!

Kelly steered on our way back.

Back in Arkansas, we visited historic Bentonville. Another ghost town. Where IS everyone?

The first Wal-mart started by Sam Walton.

A specialty of the South is frozen custard.

Tastes like melted ice cream to me, won't be trying it again anytime soon.
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